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SHIOK IN JAPAN – written by Gareth Tan

Posted by Brendan Millar on July 20, 2013 at 18:48 0 Comments

On the 1st and 2nd of June, Shiok! headed to Sugadaira, Japan to take part in the Japan Mixed Nationals 2013. Enduring a grueling 5-hour road trip up the mountains, coupled with a generous dose of guesswork while using the GPS in Japanese, and some feasting on Onigiri from 7-11, we finally made it to our cottage lodge where we rested up and readied ourselves to play some Ultimate.…


SUO 2012

Posted by Mumba on September 18, 2012 at 12:39 0 Comments

Shanghai Opens 2012 Champions ~ SHIOK!!!!

Posted by Mumba on June 10, 2012 at 23:45 0 Comments

Stay tune for more pictures and updates!

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"Seattle Riot, a two-time U.S. women's club champion, has players map the location of every pass in their games with a smartphone app.." Numbers, always a way to let us see more than what meets the eye.

Ultimate Frisbee Fans Try to Put a Statistical…

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It's the weekend! But first, let us be amazed by these LATEST TOP 10 HIGHLIGHTS. Ultimate like you've never seen before. #sointense

The Top 10 Highlights From The ESPN3 Games At Nationals, As GIFs | Ultiworld

The best plays from the showcase game at Nationals, giffed and…

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Because this dude has got everything under control. And not forgetting, Happy Deepavali to everyone!

Highlight: Super Seated Scoober | Livewire | Ultiworld

This, from Seattle Mixed in semifinals, is just insane: Seattle Mixed / Ghettobirds Layout D and Scoober

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Vietnam is introducing their first Zone Cup 2014 and are calling all Ultimate players interested! Another country to add to your travel list? Be quick as registration closes 31st October. (Psst! We heard of a cash prize of USD$1,500 for the winning team!) For more information, follow this link below:

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Highlights from the annual Grab.Huck.Score 2014 last Saturday. Featuring one of Shiok!'s youngest members, Darryl Ng, the MVP for External Category and another interview with Gordon Yeo from Cockeye Bullets! Amazing showcase from all teams! Credits to

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Fancy celebrating Halloween with some Ultimate? Check out Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat happening this 8-9 November 2014! Register before 26 October to get an early bird price. A great excuse to travel and get disc action at the same time. Treat yourself to a weekend of fun (and boos)!

Hangzhou Halloween Hangover Hat - China 2014 2014

Hangzhou Halloween Hangover…

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Featuring an awesome layout food grab by Clive. What a beast! Hope everyone's getting their own dosage of Ultimate this off-season. Have a great long weekend everyone!

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